Disco dancers shook, rattled and rolled to raise money for a good cause.

The four pictured on the floor - left to right, Natalie Adams, 15, Lisa Howkins, 15, Rebecca Osman, 13, and Helen Mahoney, 15 – were among those who took part in the 24-hour non-stop event.

It took place at the former Northway Middle School in Maltfield Road, Oxford, in 1987 and the money raised went to the speech therapy unit at the Radcliffe Infirmary.

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The decision to scrap Oxford’s middle schools in 2000 prompted a war of words between education bosses and angry parents.

The county Schools Organisation Committee decided unanimously to abolish three-tier education in the city and replace it with a two-tier system, in line with the rest of the county.

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Parents, furious at the decision, vowed to continue their fight by taking the case to the High Court.