OXFORD City Council's trading company Oxford Direct Services (ODS) collected more than three million bins this year.

Statistics have been revealed in its annual report which says in its second year of trading (2019/20), the company collected 3,225,706 bins.

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It also conducted 54,545 building services jobs, fixed 2,673 potholes and completed 2,614 emergency repair jobs on time.

ODS delivers a range of core services on behalf of Oxford City Council.

Simon Howick, Managing Director at ODS said: "The unique way we do business yields more than mere financial rewards. It is proven to have a positive impact on our customers, employees, suppliers, local communities and the environment. This year was no exception.

"Crucially, the money we make is reinvested in public services and is not lining shareholders' pockets in the traditional sense. We're supporting a vibrant city with employment and training opportunities, and, where possible, we keep our supply chain local."

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During the first lockdown, ODS staff volunteered to support the Oxford Hub city-wide series of local response centres that were set up to support vulnerable people.