SCAMMERS claiming to be from Amazon Prime are targeting people again.

Sophia Dudley, from Bicester, said her mother received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the online retailer telling her that they will take money out of her account.

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Ms Dudley said on the Bicester Chat Facebook page: "They knew her name and number. She’s never signed up nor has anyone in the family.  After she questioned them they hung up, but it’s just worrying how they found her details. Not a safe world we live in unfortunately."

People commented on the post saying the same thing had happened to them.

Penny Vaughan said: "I had one two minutes ago stating exactly the same. We have these quite regularly. We were told by Amazon to ignore them as it is a scam."

June Reynolds commented: "I have at least one a day from Amazon. I just put the phone dawn. Just had another one."

Lin Iddon said: "I get a call from Alice from Amazon (recorded message) most mornings about 7.55am. Been going on for weeks. I block the number but she still keeps ringing."

Police warned residents about a different Amazon Prime scam in August where they said people should not engage with the caller.