FOR two nights you will be able to see the planets Saturn, Jupiter and the moon with your naked eye.

The two largest planets will look like two bright stars next to the moon from November 19 - 21.

The pair only come in conjunction once every 20 years, so it is a rare opportunity.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is known as the 'Great Conjunction' due to the planets size.

Both planets and the moon will be visible after sunset this evening.

The planets will appear the brightest objects in the sky, after the moon, with Jupiter in particular shining bright.

Earthsky, a website that explains daily updates of what we can see in our solar system, said: "From November 18 to 21, 2020, as darkness falls, use the waxing crescent moon to locate the gas giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, now headed for their once-in-20-years great conjunction on the December 21 solstice.

"Jupiter is the brighter of these two worlds, outshining Saturn by 12 times. Even so, Saturn is respectably bright, shining as brightly as a 1st-magnitude star. And, of course, in our November 2020 sky, these two worlds – Jupiter and Saturn – are exceedingly noticeable for their nearness to each other.

A cojuncture like this will not happen again for another 60 years.

It is not set to occur again until March 15 2080.

NASA said on its website for skywatching tips: "The two planets have been brilliant highlights of the night sky for much of this year, and are now getting closer together in advance of their super close pairing in mid-December."