HORROR crashes and hours-long gridlocks are some of the reasons why motorists avoid two ‘hellish’ roads through Oxfordshire, a local MP highlighted in Parliament.

This week the Oxford Mail reported that Conservative MP for Wantage, David Johnston, held a debate calling for urgent improvements to the ‘unsafe’ A420 and A34.

Here is what our readers said on Facebook about the dangerous roads.

SARAH NOLAN: “This road was an absolute pleasure to drive on during the first lockdown, barely any traffic and no accidents for nearly three months. The biggest problem with this road is there is too much traffic for the size. My journey pre lockdown = 11 miles, 45 - 50 minutes, during lockdown =15 - 20 minutes. There were just as many lorries on the road but not as many cars.”

Stephen Ford: “Has anyone considered it might be the state of the road that is actually the problem here? I drive the length and breadth of this country and this does not happen on any other roads it’s always the A34.”

Trevor Harper: “When will everyone understand the road is not dangerous, it is the drivers. If everyone drives to the traffic conditions and drove like they did to pass their driving test we would not be wasting time and money on this then perhaps we could spend it on repairing potholes on other roads.”

Jacob Panes: “I’m sure some drivers are to blame that act like kids. Also some commercial drivers who get tired at the wheel. Lorries trying to overtake. But none of that is any different to any other road in the country is it? The same drivers will end up on the M40 or M3 and other motorways without causing half the issues. With Southampton being a major port for shipping, the M3 is in place for London and the southeast and does not have the same problems. But Oxfordshire and the Midlands rely on the A34 for the same goods to be transported. I do not know of a more vital road with as much use over the same distance that isn’t a motorway.

Margaret Ann Sermanni: “I do not know if it is feasible but could lorries have specific times when they could use the road? Obviously I have no statistics or anything but would like to find out people’s opinions.”

Richard Pill: “Better rail alternatives should be one option. That could include tolling the road and investing in a Light Rail Scheme for the Oxford area?”

Boo Willing: “Stop building housing developments bigger than the village that they are attached to or get the developers to pay for road upgrades. Many villages in the vale are much bigger and there has been little to no development of the road, rail infrastructure to support the increase in people.”

Joan Leahy: “I have driven on it for years with no problems. The road is fine but the drivers are a different matter. No patience and right on your tail if you dare stick to the speed limit.”

Matthew Andrew: “Wait for the 50 mph limit enforced with average speed cameras.”

Sue Lewis: “My husband drives an HGV for a living and sees it everyday, weather it is cars, lorries or motorcycles the standard of driving is abysmal at times.”

Pete Fane: “It is not the road that is dangerous, neither it is the road to hell. It is the drivers that use it, for example eating their McDonald’s, drinking Costa coffees, using their phone. Plus many other things, but above all not concentrating on the job in hand, plus driving and keeping to the rules and regulations. If you cannot follow this then you are destined to add to the accident statistics.”

Juli King: “All the roads in Oxfordshire are over capacity. They all need more lanes.”

Sophie Groom: “It is not the road but the drivers who clearly do not pay enough attention and speed. I avoid this road as much as possible as I hate it after I was in a very nasty RTC back in 2008 and lucky to be alive.”

Dave Tweddle: “Here is an idea – keep lorries to one lane and stop them using both lanes.”

Chris Greene: “It is really amazing how many drivers of lorries would rather kill someone than change down a gear.”