Oxford reported more than 125 new Covid cases in a day and the county none as the way test results are recorded by Public Health England (PHE) was updated.

A note with Monday's delayed daily figures on the government's coronavirus dashboard said PHE had changed the way it records the location of people who test positive or negative for Covid-19.

It is now prioritising addresses given at the point of testing over the details registered on a patient’s NHS Summary Care Record.

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The website said: "This better reflects the distribution of cases and testing. However, it may give rise to differences in previously reported numbers of cases and rates in some areas."

The change was retrospectively applied to tests carried out from September 1, and data in the dashboard was updated to reflect this on Monday.

It added due to the reallocation of cases the number of cases reported by local authorities may be 'artificially high or low'.

It is not yet known if this has fixed the problem with Oxford University's own testing being excluded from local figures.

According to Public Health England, as of 9am Monday, these were the number of new Covid-19 cases in 24 hours;

  • Oxford - 127
  • Oxfordshire - 0
  • UK - 21,363

The total coronavirus cases since the pandemic started;

  • Oxford - 2,938
  • Oxfordshire - 9,094
  • UK - 1,390,681

Cumulative case counts include patients who are currently unwell, have recovered and those that have died.