FIREFIGHTERS cut the roof off a car after a serious crash in Marston.

Crews from Slade Park and Rewley Road raced to the scene on Marsh Road at just before 2.30pm in the afternoon.

Oxford Mail:

Police closed the road and paramedics worked to remove one of the drivers who was left with severe injuries. 

Watch Manager Matt Dangerfield said: “Concentration is key whilst driving at all times, with particular concern for distractions like mobile phones. Driving speed needs to be within the set limit but also relevant to the road and weather conditions. Please take care”

Taking to Facebook, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “This weekend has been an extremely busy one for road traffic collisions here in Oxfordshire just as we enter Road Safety Week.

“Collisions rise at this time of year and for a number of reasons and we work with all our colleagues to encourage everyone to reduce the risk.”

Yesterday afternoon Oxon Travel warned drivers on Twitter to expect delays after the incident.

Traffic was at a standstill at the Marston Junction of the ring road, Cherwell Drive, Marston Ferry Road and even on Headley Way towards London Road.