HOMES in a part of Oxfordshire were left without post for weeks because of a shortage of postal workers.

People in Wallingford and Didcot slammed Royal Mail after months of postal delays, with some letters and parcels taking two weeks to be delivered.

Conservative MP for Wantage David Johnston, who got in touch with the service after continuous complaints from a number of residents, revealed that in Wallingford the problem was largely caused by staff absence reaching 50 per cent at times.

In a post on Facebook Mr Johnston said on Friday: "However, this is now one per cent and Wallingford residents should have seen an improvement.

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"In the Didcot area, Royal Mail are investigating the cause of the problem and said they will come back to me."

In September residents of Great Western Park in Didcot criticised Royal Mail for only delivering letters and parcels on allocated days due to the Covid-19 crisis.

But Royal Mail denied this accusation and said services in the area were running as normal.

The MP added: "I know how frustrating this is and that we are approaching the worst time of year for this to be happening so I will chase Royal Mail today.

"If you live in a different part of the constituency and are having any issues please email me and let me know"