A TEAM of volunteers who search for missing people has been given a funding boost by the Oxfordshire Freemasons.

Lowland Rescue Oxfordshire (OxSAR) is on call 24 hours a day to support the emergency services in searches for vulnerable missing people.

The £1,000 donation will help buy provisions and catering equipment.

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Nicky Wade, from OxSAR, said: “A search can last for hours, sometimes days, often at night in trying weather conditions and on difficult terrain.

“Providing hot drinks and food to volunteers who may have rushed straight from work to attend a search, is vital to their physical and mental wellbeing.

“As well as provisions, this donation will help us update our catering equipment, supply ‘snack packs’ to the team on remote searches and hand wash stations to keep our volunteers, missing people and their families safe during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Last year, OxSAR was called out more than 90 times by police.

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In 2019, the group received £1,500 from Oxfordshire Freemasons.

Andrew Keech, Oxfordshire Freemasons charity steward, said: “Oxfordshire Freemasons supports many charities across the county but we recognise the unique contribution OxSAR makes to local communities.

“OxSAR’s capabilities mean the difference between life and death when a person goes missing.”

OxSAR currently has 90 members, all of whom are volunteers.

Anyone interested in volunteering with OxSAR should contact the group through their website at: lowlandrescueoxfordshire.org.uk