USED sex toys and dirty underwear are some of the ‘filth’ donated to charity shops.

Volunteers have complained about the ‘sweaty and smelly’, ‘shameful’ things left at shops in Oxfordshire that should have really be binned instead.

Writing on the Spotted Facebook page an anonymous charity shop worker wrote: “It would be great if people really had more decency when donating their stuff to charity shops in Witney.

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“The amount of pure filth volunteers have to sort through is really shameful.

“I myself have come across dirty underwear, socks, stained items, used sex toys sweaty and smelly items, used items that should not be anywhere else apart from the bin.

“It’s so embarrassing to come in and drop off rubbish and think you’re doing the shop a kind gesture. We do not have the facilities to do this.

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“I would be so ashamed of donating what some people give, not only does it breach health and safety of people working there but it’s downright rude.

“I hope people understand this and if they’re having a clear out and think of donating their goods, a simple wash would be much appreciated.”

Another volunteer, Janie Arnold, commented saying: “I think my worst moment was finding cat poo in a donation bag! We really do have to wade through a lot of horrid stuff at times.”

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Toni Obogeanu said they had to look through a bag of burnt and dirty kitchen ware only to find bits of broken glass.

Shirley Rose commented: “I just retched…that’s totally vile.”

Others said it was ‘disgusting’ and suggested ways of identifying doners who have ‘no standards’.