A TORY MP who voted against extending free school meals into the holidays last month has had his constituents take revenge.

Residents across South Oxfordshire have been plastering their towns with not-particularly-flattering posters of Henley MP John Howell.

Oxford Mail:

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The posters, stuck up in Thame and Henley, read: "Our MP, John Howell, claimed £1,308,631.15 in expenses in the last 10 years.

"Last week he voted to deny the poorest children in our community £15 for a food voucher."

The poster was made as a reaction to the Conservative MP voting down Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford's petition to extend meal vouchers over the school holidays.

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Mr Howell was one of four Tory MPs in Oxfordshire who voted against the motion.

Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon Layla Moran and Labour MP for Oxford East Anneliese Dodds were the only Oxfordshire MPs to vote for the extension of meal vouchers.

John Howell has been Henley MP since June 2008.

According to the MPs' Expenses online database, in the past 10 years, Mr Howell has spent £1,308,631.15 in expenses.

He has made 1,144 claims in the last decade.

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MPs expenses cover staffing payroll costs, office costs, accommodation and travel expenses.

Roy Motteram, from Thame, tweeted the photo of the poster at a bus stop in Thame.

He said: "Not all of John Howell's Henley constituents are happy with John's position on free school meal support."

Mr Motteram told the Oxford Mail: "John is an interesting character. Urbane and polite yet full of contrasts.

"I know that his expenses cover his office, but while he claims a very large sum on top of his MP's salary and the £800 he gets every month from a planning lobby firm, he won't support funding to feed the poorest children in our society.

"He gives every indication of a man with no moral compass."