A TAPESTRY created by 310 children at an Oxford school was put on display across the UK and abroad.

It was produced by pupils at Botley Primary School in Oxford in 1999 to mark the Millennium the following year.

Those in the picture are, left to right, Charlotte Pallett, Lizzie Saffrette, Timotheos Hatzis, Emily Quiggin, Pat Dando (the school’s art and technology co-ordinator), Jennie Haynes, Ryan Cole, Nimai Rimmer and Jade Hickey.

The tapestry featured in a major exhibition which toured the UK and Commonwealth countries.

It was part of an initiative dreamed up by the national Millennium Tapestry Company which had invited primary schools across the country to contribute a piece of art.

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The Botley children, labelled ‘Eager Weavers’ by the Oxford Mail, were delighted with their contribution to the scheme.

A total of 1,700 schools took part, each making a square metre of tapestry. Every piece was then stitched together, the finished tapestry stretching one mile.

Teacher Ms Dando said: “All the children in the school have contributed to it. We are all very proud of it and very excited.”

The theme for the tapestry - fairs and festivals - was chosen by the company, but the children were free to create their own design.

It had been a busy period for Botley Primary School in Elms Road. The previous year, the school held a series of events to mark its 60th anniversary, having opened just before the Second World War