AN alleged murderer let out a 'war cry' before a triple stabbing in a Didcot street, a court heard.

As the trial into the killing of Darren MacCormick in Mendip Heights, Didcot, continued at Oxford Crown Court today a man who was stabbed in the leg took to the witness box.

Detailing what he saw in the early hours of January 9 this year Matthew Ryman told jurors he was at the front door of the house in which Mr MacCormick lived.

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He said he saw two men run to a parked car outside before they began attacking his friend Floyd Kennedy.

Mr Ryman said he then went outside to help him and took out a golf club, which he swung at one of the men.

He said he spoke to the men and said 'can we stop this and talk about this' and one answered 'drop your golf club', which he did.

He told jurors some time before he was stabbed in the thigh one male let out an 'argh' noise, which prosecutors termed a 'war cry.'

Isaac Boyland, Brookton Lagan, and Taison Cyrille, all deny murdering Darren MacCormick.

They further deny wounding Matthew Ryman and Floyd Kennedy.

Boyland and Cyrille also deny a charge of conspiracy to supply a controlled drug of Class A - cocaine - between January 1 and 10 this year, which Lagan has admitted.

The trial continues.