The coronavirus infection rate has gone up across all areas in Oxfordshire, with more than 200 extra cases compared with the same time a week before.

Oxfordshire County Council’s update today has confirmed 800 new positive coronavirus tests in the county for the seven days to October 23 (Friday). 

This is up from the final total of 598 in the week to October 16. 

It gives the county an overall infection rate per 100,000 people of 115.7.

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The infection rates were decreasing across Cherwell and Oxford last week, but now all district areas are rising.

It comes after the county was blocked from entering Tier 2 restriction, despite Oxfordshire's Director of Public Health Ansaf Azhar calling for the move following rising cases.

Despite previous spikes centring on Oxford, currently Cherwell has the highest rate of infection and cases at 148.8 per 100,000 people based on 224 new positive tests.

In Oxford, 205 new cases were confirmed, however, this is once again lower than the number released by Oxford University from its own testing over the same period.

The county council has also included a note of caution to the Oxford figure saying the number is based off the nationally reported dataset. 

It added: "This is suspected under-reporting of actual figures and currently being investigated by Public Health England."

The city's MPs have said the continuing gap between Oxford University's figures and those released by Public Health England is 'concerning'.

These are the current weekly rates across the county;

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