A FORMER Police and Fire Minister has backed a campaign to impose life sentences on those who kill emergency service workers on duty.

Sir Mike Penning, who is MP for Hemel Hempstead, met Lissie Harper, from Wallingford, this week to offer his support to her campaign, inspired by the killing of her late husband PC Andrew Harper while on duty.

The MP praised the widow for her ‘incredible courage and bravery’ and added: “It has to be right in the forefront of the criminal’s mind that if they assault an emergency worker that they are going to be found guilty.

“Harper’s Law would provide an appropriate deterrent and a suitable punishment for these criminals.

“What better tribute could there be than to help protect others and ensure there will be justice for Andrew’s colleagues across the emergency services.”

Mrs Harper, who also has the support of the Police Federation of England and Wales, has upcoming meetings with Home Secretary Priti Patel and Justice Secretary Robert Buckland.

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