ONE of three people accused of murdering a man at his home in Didcot owed the slain man's friend £90 worth of drugs days before the violence, a court heard.

In the time after this apparent debt went unpaid, a jury heard today, a window was smashed at a house where the alleged stabbing took place.

In a text message shown to a jury Darren MacCormick, the deceased, said the day before his death 'now it's all gonna kick off.'

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Isaac Boyland, 20, of Marlborough Road, Oxford, Brookton Lagan, 19, of Robin Way, Didcot, and Taison Cyrille, also 19, of Market End Way, Bicester, all deny murdering Darren MacCormick.

They further deny two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm upon two men - Matthew Ryman and Floyd Kennedy.

Boyland and Cyrille also deny a charge of conspiracy to supply a controlled drug of Class A - cocaine - between January 1 and 10 this year, which Lagan has admitted.

Their trial got under way at Oxford Crown Court on Monday.

Earlier in the case prosecutor Eloise Marshall QC said the violence all took place in Mendip Heights, Didcot, in the early hours of January 9 this year.

She said the triple stabbing could be traced to an earlier row and an ensuing 'drugs debt' between Lagan and a friend of Mr MacCormick's.

As the trial continued today the first witness went to the witness box to give his account.

A friend of Mr MacCormick of some 30 years said that he and another man gave one of the accused men - Lagan - a lift to Milton Keynes, on January 5.

He told jurors that Lagan - whom he knew as 'Kenzo' had previously sold him crack cocaine and heroin.

He said that the agreement was that Lagan would pay £30 in petrol as well as 'a bag of heroin and eights bits of crack cocaine.'

Those drugs, he said, were valued at about £90.

The jury went on to hear that the men were stopped by police in Milton Keynes and they eventually went their separate ways.

The witness said that the petrol money was paid and he received a bag of heroin and while he was supposed to be given the crack cocaine the next day, he never received it.

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He said that calls were later made to Lagan and that a window was smashed in Mendip Heights.

He went on to say that he saw Mr MacCormick for the last time the night before his death, where he was told 'Kenzo' smashed the window.

Asked how he seemed at the time he answered: "I think at one point he was rather angry about it but when I was speaking to him he calmed down and he thought that was the end of it."

Jurors also saw a text message which Mr MacCormick sent that said the doors had been 'kicked in' and the window 'put through' and added: "Now it's all gonna kick off."

The trial continues.