Cases of coronavirus at Oxford University have increased for a third week in a row.

In the seven days to Friday, October 23, there were 208 new positive tests confirmed by the University's own testing service.

This was out of 848 tests carried out and it takes the total number of cases to 496 since the separate testing was set up in August.

There has, however, been confusion over where the Oxford University figures are recorded.

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For the week up to Friday, October 16, official data from Public Health England, as presented by Oxfordshire County Council, showed there were 184 Covid cases in Oxford.

Over the same period, Oxford University's own testing centres recorded a total of 197 positive Covid cases.

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A spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council's public health team acknowledged on Friday they were aware of the problem.

But they were unable to say if the discrepancy, once resolved, might increase the overall number of cases in Oxford or even affect it in any way at all.