BICESTER singers who are members of a nationwide choir are to record their vocals for a national Christmas single.

Thousands of Rock Choir members from across England, Wales and Scotland will come together for the first time since lockdown to sing their version of ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’.

This includes members from Banbury and Bicester who are led by Liga Milune as well as the team of Rock Choir leaders from more than 400 UK towns and communities.

Its founder, Caroline Redman Lusher, will also take part in recording the single which will be released on Friday, December 11.

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The song will help to raise awareness for the Mental Health Foundation, a charity that the choir has already raised more than £45,000 for.

Ms Lusher said: “The lyrics in the song are extremely relevant to arts and entertainment at the moment. It’s been one of the hardest hit industries this year and everyone is desperate to find a positive and successful way forward to allow music and singing to take its place in society again.

“Singing brings a sense of community and togetherness with a power to uplift and heal individuals. It shouldn’t be taken for granted.

“The mental health and wellbeing of our membership is central to everything we do in Rock Choir so the whole project is perfect.”

When Covid-19 hit the UK, the choir quickly adapted and moved their membership to online.

They provided a routine in lockdown, ensuring communities could continue to sing.

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Shirley Grant, from Bicester, has been a singer in the choir for seven years. She is looking forward to taking part in the Christmas single.

She said: “I’m super excited to be taking part in this unique opportunity and what an honour to be part of a huge project that will be done in isolation and I know will produce a magical song for a brilliant cause - mental health support is so appropriate in these testing times.”

The single will be made by the choir members recording themselves remotely at home.

All their uploaded recordings of the song will then be professionally mixed and mastered.