IF YOUR neighbour is breaking the coronavirus rules, ‘report them’.

That’s the message from Thames Valley Police today as officers crackdown on people meeting up in groups of more than six and people who are not self-isolating when they come back from their holidays. 

From October 1 to October 14, the force handed out 35 fines to people breaking the ‘rule of six’ and four to people failing to quarantine.

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In the same time, more than 2,600 calls to the police were about rule breakers.

The highest fine in the Thames Valley area, which covers Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, was £680 after a case heard at court.

Officers say the ‘vast majority’ of people in the area are following the government regulations but there are some who are ignoring the rules completely.

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Chief Superintendent Rob France, the Gold Commander for Thames Valley Police’s response to coronavirus said that people were not feeling 'covid-fatigue' and wouldn't risk being fined to see their friends. 

He said that the fine is a 'significant deterrent' and said: "I think it's not surprising that when the vast majority of people in the Thames Valley are choosing to follow the rules and they have a concern they would want to share that with the police." 

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He added: “It cannot be right that the small number of people deliberately flouting the rules should be able to do so without consequence”.

“Our officers will be in the community, and we will have dedicated officers across the Force who will be responding to reports of breaches of the Coronavirus legislation.

“We have increased patrols in areas where transmission is higher, we are working with our partners in local authorities and businesses to make sure the rules are being followed. 

“We would ask people to report any breaches of Coronavirus legislation online or through 101 if they do not have online access."