A MAN raped and sexually abused a young child after drinking two litres of Vodka, a court heard.

Neale Holmes denies any wrong-doing and told police his alleged victim 'may have had a bad dream.'

The 50-year-old of Wigod Way, Wallingford, denies one count of rape, one count of sexual assault and one of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

All of the alleged offences involved one child who cannot be named for legal reasons and was aged under 13 at the time.

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Holmes's trial at Oxford Crown Court got under way today.

Outlining the case prosecutor Hugh Forgan told jurors that the alleged incident took place on one night in the early 2000s.

The jury went on to see a recorded interview that the alleged victim gave to police about the incident.

In that interview she claimed Holmes sexually abused her a number of times that night.

She said that he first raped her orally before taking her to another room.

There, she claimed, he sexually assaulted her by touching and also made her perform a sex act on him.

Asked how she was feeling at the time she told police: "I was not really thinking.

"I just remember feeling, like, just confused and I didn't really know what to do. Scared."

She went on to claim that her abuser had been drinking that night and described him as 'a bit tipsy' and slurring his words.

Jurors were also told that when he was interviewed about the allegation Holmes denied the abuse had ever taken place.

Mr Forgan said Holmes suggested the child 'may have had a bad dream' and added that he was 'plastered' that night having drank two litres of vodka.

Holmes denies the three counts and the trial continues.