A MUSEUM has apologised after an elderly couple were turned away during ‘torrential rain’.

Thomas Allan and his partner were visiting the Pitt Rivers Museum from Liverpool on October 9.

Mr Allan said: “When we got there, it began to rain and before we could get within fifty yards of the museum, a member of staff ran towards us wanting to see our tickets.

“The rain was now torrential, rather like a monsoon. It was raining so hard it was bouncing off my tablet so I could not locate the e-tickets.”

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Oxford Mail:

Mr Allan said the staff member wouldn’t let he and his partner inside to use the tablet and phoned another member of staff, who said the couple had no booking.

Mr Allan said he later emailed the museum, which confirmed there was a booking in his name, while his tablet does now not work, and he is seeking compensation.

A spokesperson for the museum said: “We are very sorry to hear about the experience of these recent visitors; we want all our visitors have the best experience possible.

“Pitt Rivers and the Museum of Natural History just reopened to the public and we are balancing a huge interest in visiting with new requirements for pre-booking and ensuring safety on site, which is our priority.

“We are liaising with these particular visitors on this matter to rectify the situation.”