Opponents travelled to Oxford to take on this team, fearing the worst.

The Oxford city water polo team was enjoying a good spell of victories, prompting the Oxford Mail sports team to despatch a photographer to one of its training sessions.

Team members in 1972 were back row, left to right, J Eyre, D Williamson, middle row, R Tyrrell (net keeper), A Dick, T Lucas, S Gaisford, J McVittie, R Mills, G Griffiths, and front row, M Clarke, D Cusden, G Bowerman (captain) and E Wilson.

Oxford Mail:

Each game starts with a race to the ball at the centre of the pitch, and each team has just 30 seconds to score in the two-metre wide goal before the ball is returned to the opposition.

You can only throw with one hand, except for the goalkeeper, and players are not allowed to touch the floor.