EVER wondered what crimes are being committed near you?

We’ve put together an interactive map of every single crime in oxford during August, street by street.

Using data from Police.UK we can reveal that 1,448 crimes in Oxford areas were reported to Thames Valley Police in August.

See below for the map

TVP publishes its figures every month and the data shows what the crime is, where it was reported and what stage of the investigation it is in.

Oxford is divided into seven main wards by police, these are: Oxford central, Barton and Risinghurst, Cowley, East Oxford (which covers Iffley Road), North Oxford (which covers Summertown, Cuttselowe and Wolvercote) and South East Oxford (which covers Blackbird Leys, Iffley and Littlemore).

The map:

Zoom in and click on the pinpoint for more information on the crime. The pinpoints have been colour coded into crime types.

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What crimes were reported in Oxford?

  • Anti-social behaviour 201
  • Bike theft 86
  • Burglary 55
  • Criminal damage and arson 111
  • Drugs 70
  • Other crime 29
  • Other theft 82
  • Possession of weapons 15
  • Public order 94
  • Robbery 12
  • Shoplifting 137
  • Theft from a person 22
  • Vehicle crime 71
  • Violence and sexual offences 462

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Where were the crimes?

  • 49 near a supermarket
  • 27 were near a shopping centre – like the Westgate, Clarendon or Templars Square
  • Another 25 were reported on or near a higher education building – like an Oxford University campus
  • 25 were also reported at a petrol station
  • five crimes were near a police station

Oxford Mail:

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What stage of the investigations are the crimes at?

  • 380 crimes out of the 1,448 reported were closed when no suspect was identified
  • 137 crimes were closed because police officers were unable to prosecute a suspect
  • 660 reports are still under investigation
  • 50 crimes are awaiting court outcomes
  • In two crimes (one for violence and sexual offences and another for public order) action will be taken by another organisation
  • 203 antisocial behaviour crimes had no outcome data available

Oxford Mail:

Last year we revealed how the majority of crime in Oxford, around 70 per cent, was closed with no further action.

Police will close an investigation with no further action when: more investigation is deemed not ‘in the public interest’, the investigation is completed because no suspect was found or police were simply unable to prosecute somebody.