The Star pub, on Rectory Road, plans to reopen on Saturday October 24.

The East Oxford haunt temporarily closed on October 7 when the pub changed owners.

The new owners closed the pub for two and a half weeks for refurbishment.

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Last month a petition was created on begging the new owners not to change The Stars interior.

It said: "Please preserve the Star as the place we all know, and love and we’ll keep coming.

"Don’t kill this with change for change sake.

"You will lose what is great about it and why it is so successful. There really is nowhere else like it.

"If you are hell bent on change, then at the very least set a reasonable price and let us set up a community shares campaign so we can keep it as it should be for the community, that loves it so much.

"If it ain't broke don’t fix it, and let's all enjoy the future of the Star together."

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The new owner Gus Rogers told regulars, in the comments of the petition, not to 'panic'.

He said: "We're really not going to change a huge amount; I am signing this letter myself."

"The Star is my absolutely favourite pub the way it is.

"The only changes we are planning to do is replace the old carpet with more wooden flooring, change the beer selection slightly (no more Carlsberg and more local beers) and maybe give the toilets a bit of a clean/general fix-up.

"The vibe and music will remain the same. I'm certainly not looking to pander to students.

"The pool tables which aren't being used right now don't come with the sale but as soon as coronavirus restrictions are lifted, we will be getting some new ones. We need the space for social distancing anyway."

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The new pub owner went on to assure regulars that they are 'not affiliated with any other pubs and we're not part of a big chain or major corporation." He added: "This is the first pub we've ever owned, and we can't believe how lucky we are. I've been involved with the Oxford music scene over the years in various bands, so I know what The Star means to local bands and music lovers.

"The Star is unique, alternative and independent pub and that's how we're keeping it.

"We''ll have the keys in a couple of weeks so please come down and see for yourself."