A PUB is hoping that a social media post will help it find two men, who allegedly dined and dashed.

The Bear Hotel in Wantage released two CCTV images of the visitors who had lunch at the restaurant on Wednesday.

A statement on Facebook read: "Two guys had lunch with us today and went without paying, possibly unintentionally.

"We do not recognise them but if anyone knows who they are can you ask them to contact us please."

The Bear Hotel also revealed the two were a walk-in, so there were no booking details available to trace them.

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Furious residents pointed out that restaurants are already struggling due to the pandemic, so not paying for meals is just an extra burden they have to carry.

One Wantage local Francessca Tompkins commented: "As if businesses are not struggling enough with these uncertain times.

"I hope it was not intentional and these guys come back and pay."

Another resident Patsi Ware added: "It is shocking but I hope it is a genuine mistake and they come back to sort it out."