BEES ‘stealing nectar’ from a garden has led to a resident pursuing a ‘legal battle’.

In a post – almost certainly a wind-up – on the Spotted Witney Facebook page, the resident asks ‘does anyone on here know bee laws?’.

The post continues: “Everyday I see my neighbour’s bees flying around my garden stealing the nectar from my flowers, then the bees go back to my neighbour’s hives and create honey.

“My neighbour then harvests said honey and sells it with good profits.

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“Now, I have never received even one jar of this honey for compensation while my neighbour’s bees continue to trespass and steal my nectar.

“I was once stung as a child so I’m fully aware of how dangerous bees can be.

“The way I see it, this is the equivalent of a neighbour’s dog coming into my garden, stealing balls or tools and taking them back to my neighbour so he can sell them for profit.

“Do I have grounds to sue? What type of things should I be documenting to prepare for a legal battle?”

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The post attracted a host of comments, some offering their own advice.

Commenting, Zachary Saifurrahman said: “Find a bee, capture it and take it to court.

“I am not sure you will find a barrister to take on your case. I think you would lose but you could appeal and ask Mother Nature to appear as a witness.”

Meanwhile, Peter Scarfe said he encountered a similar situation.

“I had this problem and had them all arrested. Street was full of police vans and riot gear,” he said.