IN a bid to reach its zero carbon target by 2030, Cherwell District Council is working on reducing its own emissions.

The council wants to 'lead by example' and has put together an action plan with steps on how it will function in a more eco-friendly way.

It says it will continue to replace its cars that run on petrol or diesel with electric ones and introduce rigorous energy management processes.

To cut transport emissions, staff will be encouraged to continue to work from home and supported in switching to electric cars, although some roles will always need face-to-face interaction with residents.

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It was due to fit LED lighting at its Bodicote House offices in Banbury, but this has been postponed as the building is currently only occupied to around 20 per cent of its capacity and the council recognises 'the challenges of the present financial climate'.

Longer-term aspirations, which Cherwell aims to deliver by 2030, include low carbon replacements for bin lorries.

These only exist as prototypes and are not yet suitable for UK roads, but if they develop as hoped, it will allow the council to address the source of around a quarter of its emissions.

The council's plan comes after its executive approved the 2020 Climate Action Framework last Monday.

Councillor Dan Sames, Cherwell’s lead member for clean and green, said: “This council has always placed a high importance on tackling climate change.

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"This framework represents a clear message that we need to take even more action to limit the global rise in temperature to below 1.5 degrees centigrade in order to avoid the catastrophic effects of a further temperature increase.

“As a local authority we have a responsibility to lead by both example and influence to not only cut our own emissions but inspire others to take positive action to do the same.

“The approval of this action plan reaffirms our commitment to address the climate emergency and make changes across the board in the way we work.”