CAR home staff who are used to providing care for residents used their healing powers to help save an injured bird.

Carer Tiffany Molyneux stepped out of her comfort zone and tended to a greylag goose that turned up at Spencer Court Care Home in Woodstock.

Named by the team as Lucy Goosey, the bird was believed to have been migrating when her flight pattern changed after sustaining a leg injury, forcing her to drop in at Spencer Court on Union Street.

Oxford Mail:

Ms Molyneux found the goose when it landed in the home’s garden.

She helped to find shelter for it and contacted Little Foxes Wild Orphans Sanctuary in Great Haseley, where the goose received expert care until she was ready to fly again.

The carer said: “Being a carer is in my nature, so when I saw that Lucy was injured I had to do something to help.

“It’s not every day we give care to a goose at Spencer Court but we are surrounded by wildlife in this part of Oxfordshire and I was worried that Lucy would fall prey to a larger animal if we didn’t act.”

Lucy has since made a full recovery at the animal shelter and has been released back into the wild to continue her migration to a warmer climate for the winter.

Oxford Mail: