ALDI has cancelled the £40 fine for a woman who was shopping for too long inside with her elderly mother. 

On Monday we reported that Katrina Kerr had been fined after taking her mum, who uses a walking stick, to the Didcot supermarket last Wednesday. 

She had used the car park for an hour and 50 minutes, overstaying the parking time limit by 20 minutes. 

But she didn't realise there were any restrictions so asked people on Facebook if they had also been 'caught out'. 

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She said she was 'outraged' and others said it was 'sneaky'.

But Aldi has now cancelled the fine and said it would be 'happy to review' others. 

A spokesperson said: “We have asked the company that manages the car park at our Didcot store to cancel Ms Kerr’s charge.

"We are happy to review all cases if a customer believes a parking fine has been issued in error.”