OXFORD Mail readers have shared their heartbreak at the closure of what was once 'the best pub in Oxford'.

We revealed on Monday revealed that The Bullnose Morris is one of the 26 boozers that pub giant Greene King would be closing nationwide.

The pub, which was first opened in 1969, closed its doors when lockdown began, but never reopened when restrictions were eased.

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One reader on The Oxford Mail website, going by the name Jeff1966, commented: “It is a shame really, was once the best pub in Oxford.

“Brilliant atmosphere, darts, pool, and many heavy card sessions.

“Occasional brawl back in the day would add to the excitement."

He said he expected the building would now be sold off to a housing developer.

Another user, T and G, added: “I hope it gets bought and returns as a pub – would rather it was a Wetherspoons than another block of flats.”

Other readers reminisced about the times they had spent at The Bullnose Morris.

Mark Lambourne commented on Facebook: “It’s very sad. I used to go there when I worked at Johnson across the road in 1978.”

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Another reader. Edward Thomas, said on Facebook: “Many a good time in there on a Friday lunchtime in the 70s – it will be a sad day if it goes.”

Helen Boore added on Facebook: “I’ve lived on Blackbird Leys all my life. When I was a kid, I used the off-license there to buy pop and crisps. They also have a good darts team there. It’s a shame it is closed.”

Several readers said the closure of the pub was a loss for the Blackbird Leys community.

One reader, named Adam, said on Twitter: "It's very sad - the pub was a family friendly venue in a large community with parking.

"The staff were always attentive and very friendly. An entire community has been left with virtually nowhere to socialise or celebrate."

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A reader going by the name Oxfordblackbirds said on The Oxford Mail website: “It is very sad for the community losing yet another place to meet with friends and family.”

William Rankin made a similar point on Facebook, commenting: “What a shame. A lot of local people who supported it for years will miss it.”

Another reader on The Oxford Mail website, Harrabella, said: "What a shame! That was the only pub in Oxford where there was more prams than vans in the car park."

Some readers, however, seemed happy in the closure of the pub. Ellouise Vine on Facebook said that the pub was a ‘horrible place.’

Another reader, going by the name LockdownLarry, added on the website: “Good, it’s a dump and a blight on the landscape.”