A FILMMAKER caught his extraordinary row with an Oxford coronavirus test centre worker on camera.

A YouTube user called ‘Auditing Britain’ filmed himself asking staff at Oxford Parkway Park and Ride site if they were busy, and also why filming was not allowed.

Oxford Mail:

In the video, which has now been watched 35,000 times, one security guard explained that people are ‘allowed to take photographs of the site’ but not of the ‘personnel’.

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Wearing his high-visibility jacket, the guard walked up to the cameraman, who was filming despite signs saying it wasn’t allowed, and said: “You can’t take photographs willy nilly of people because you don’t have their permission to do that.”

Oxford Mail:

He then got out his mobile phone and started filming the man filming him.

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The argument then spiralled out of control when the guard seemingly flouted social distancing rules, without wearing a mask.

The youtuber, known referred to by his followers as AB, told him: “Hey, don’t come too close.”

Oxford Mail:

But the test centre worker replied: “Why, are you worried?”

When asked to ‘get back’ he outright refused, asking ‘why’ and saying ‘no’.

In the video the camera falls to the side and the sound goes mute. AB later claimed it was pushed.

In the video the security guard dials 999 within seconds, asking for the police and claiming he was the one that was assaulted.

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He says that AB wouldn’t leave, was abusive and told him to ‘f*** off’.

But AB claims this was a lie and that the whole ordeal was captured on camera.

Later in the 16-minute video AB says: “You’ve assaulted me sir, I’m going to press charges against you – believe me.

“Listen you’re not going to try and assault me again…so stay back.”

Oxford Mail:

But the security guard then sneezes or coughs in his direction and walks away.

At the end of the clip, which now has 2,400 comments, AB tells the viewers that he is waiting for police to arrive.

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Selective Group, the name on the back of the hi-visibility jacket worn by the guard, say they do not hire the security guards at Oxford test centres and refused to comment.

The Department for Health and Social Care has been contacted for a comment.