A WOMAN has been fined £40 for shopping too long with her elderly mother. 

Katrina Kerr took her mum, who uses a walking stick and is 'slow' moving, to Aldi in Didcot for the weekly shop on Wednesday. 

But to her horror, days later, she was clobbered with a £40 fine for overstaying the parking the time limit of one hour and 30 minutes. 

Ms Kerr parked for 20 minutes longer than the 90 minutes allowed but she said she hadn't realised there was any restriction. 

UPDATE: Aldi have now cancelled the fine for shoppers 

She wrote on the Wantage and Grove Community Facebook page: "Anyone been caught out by Aldi car park in Didcot? Just received a £40 fine for being 20 minutes over.

"I was shopping in Aldi the whole time and didn't realise there was any time restriction. I had taken my elderly mother who walks with a stick and is slow. 

"Feeling outraged. We spent a lot of money in Aldi too." 

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Judy Jones commented: "Two hours seems more reasonable." 

Others said it was 'sneaky' but they would appeal the fine and refuse to shop in the store again.

One woman even said she had been caught out by the time limit too but refused to pay the fine and it went away.

Aldi cancelled her fine - read more here.