IT’S National Curry Week so what better way to celebrate than by having a curry tonight. 

And we’re definitely not short of delicious options in Oxfordshire. 

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So, we asked our readers on Facebook to tell us where the best curry is from.

And nearly 150 of you had your say. 

Here is a round-up of the favourites: 

  •  Spice Lounge, Summertown 

Oxford Mail:

Several people said this was the best place for a curry, including Lyn Townsend who said: “The food is amazing, the staff are great too.” 

  •  Aziz

Oxford Mail:

Namit Julka claimed it was the ‘best curry house in Oxford’, with Karen Lee and Geraldine Graham both agreeing ‘100 per cent’. 
Shelly Mccann also said: “Not just good curry but lovely staff.” 

  •  Al Taif, Kennington

Oxford Mail:

Carol Cleghorn said it was delicious and Marian Brown said: “Second that.” 

  •  Dosa Park, Oxford 

Oxford Mail:

Nav Dey said: “Hands down.” 

  • 4500 Miles from Delhi, Oxford 

Oxford Mail:

Neeti Prithyani said: “Best by far in Oxford. Authentic Indian.” Five people agreed including Luvenia Price who said it is ‘amazing’. 

  •  Bayleaf, Eynsham 

Oxford Mail:

Carolyn Sweet said: “No contest.”

  • Bengal Spice, Deddington 

Oxford Mail:

Kahlil Kharbiri said: “None of you know what you’re talking about, it’s the Bengal Spice in Deddington no other compares.” 

Other places that were nominated several times include:

  • Curry Paradise, Witney
  • Indian Dream, Didcot 
  • Ovisher, Kidlington 
  • Shaan, Witney 

Mahmood Khan playfully said there was no competition when it came to his mum’s cooking, nominating ‘his mum’s house’. 

Our readers were keen to try it out with John Roper asking ‘what time’ it opens and Noddy Rawlings putting his ‘bets’ on it being the best.