A LIBRARY that was open for just one month before lockdown is still unable to welcome the public due to internet issues.

Botley Library launched in its new home of Seacourt Hall community centre in February, but shut again weeks later when lockdown was imposed.

It has now been closed for six months and will not reopen until cables are installed to connect the facility to the Oxfordshire County Council network.

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The council has admitted the work is taking 'considerably longer' than expected and residents have noticed a void left by the library.

Kate Wilson, who lives in Cedar Road, said: "There isn't anything else.

"In normal times you have a steady stream of children doing their homework and events for vulnerable and homeless people.

"It's assumed that people have access to all these things at home, but not everybody does and the advice is not to go into the city centre.

"I'm just worried it'll never reopen."

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The community centre that houses the library is part of the West Way development and itself only opened in January.

No reopening date has been set for the facility, with the county council's IT department currently working with broadband suppliers and the building's landlord to arrange for the cables to be installed.

A council spokesperson said: "The work is currently going through the approval process and once completed a cabling contractor is lined up to install the cabling required.

"All parties involved are aware that this work has taken considerably longer than we would have hoped, this is due to the complexities of the work and unforeseen circumstances which have arisen.

"All parties are working hard to deliver the connection to allow the new Botley Library to be opened at the nearest opportunity so it can support the community."

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Only 25 of the county's 44 libraries have reopened since lockdown, with many smaller facilities staying shut.

Those that have begun operating again are subject to a range of distancing measures, with visitors urged to stay for no more than 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, all items returned to libraries are being quarantined for at least 72 hours.

The spokesperson added: “Oxfordshire has opened more libraries on average than other parts of England and those libraries that are open have been more extensively opened to residents than has been the case elsewhere.

"We expect to make further announcements in relation to the reopening of libraries during October.”