NURSERY children learnt about the impact they can have on helping the planet through a week of recycling activities.

Nurseries in The Old Station Nursery group recently took part in Recycle Week, which saw Oxfordshire children pick up litter and take part in junk modelling.

The Old Station nurseries in Oxford, Faringdon, Filkins and Heyford all participated.

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Charlotte Dagg, nursery manager at The Old Station Nursery in Oxford, said: “Recycling with children is an extremely important activity to do which can be made really interactive and fun for the children.”

Jan Thorp, nursery manager at The Old Station Nursery in Heyford, added: “It’s important that the children learn about recycling at nursery.

“We love portraying these important messages through fun activities which we hope will make recycling second nature for them as they continue to grow.”

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The nursery group consists of 19 nurseries around the country and was established in 2002.

Fourteen of the nurseries took part in Recycle Week.

This year saw the seventeenth Recycle Week and recognised the sacrifices that key workers made to continue recycling during the coronavirus pandemic.

The theme this year was ‘Together We Recycle’.