SEWAGE has spewed onto an east Oxford road as drains overflow with water.

Resident Hugh Warwick tweeted photos of water bursting onto Campbell Road this morning.

He said the water started pouring out of drains during the night and although no homes have been affected, gardens have flooded as well as his neighbour's garden office.

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The ecologist said: "Luckily our road has a great WhatsApp group so a message went out and I was wading in my neighbour's garden at 8.30am (water over my knees) helping them lift sofa in their garden office.

"But I have lived here over 20 years and whenever this sort of thing has happened Thames Water have promised to fix drains. Clearly they have not."

Mr Warwick says the heavy rainfall yesterday and overnight was not 'unprecedented' and that 'there must be a problem' with Thames Water's drains.

Oxford Mail: Eylan Ezekiel's flooded garden. Pic: Eylan EzekielEylan Ezekiel's flooded garden. Pic: Eylan Ezekiel

Thames Water says there has been a 'hydraulic overload' meaning so much water has overwhelmed its network. Staff are attending the scene as soon as possible.

It said in a statement: “We’re aware of flooding in OX4 due to the recent heavy rainfall, with the sheer volume of water overwhelming the sewer system.

ALSO READ: Police warn drivers to take extra care as more rain forecasted

“Our engineers are on their way to the scene and we’ll be doing everything we can to support those who have been affected.”

While the water company is working to deal with all reports of sewer flooding, the higher volume of work means it may take it longer than usual to get to some jobs.