Randolph Hotel staff are to be made redundant as a revamp by new American owners Graduate Hotels gets under way next month.

Some employees have worked there for years and the hotel in Beaumont Street has in the past had a reputation for looking after its loyal workforce.

Here we look back at some of the familiar faces who have worked for the city's most famous hotel over the years.

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Michael Grange was the popular general manager for 12 years until he died aged 61 in 2017.

Oxford Mail:

Michael Grange, right

In 2016 he and his staff helped to mark the hotel's 150th anniversary and a book was published to coincide with the occasion.

After a devastating fire at the Randolph in April 2015, Mr Grange led the £6.5m renovation project.

When he died friend KT Bruce said he cared deeply about his staff and all the guests who stayed at the Randolph and then city council leader Bob Price said he had been "a great ambassador for the city and for tourism."

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Simon Bradley was a successful head chef in 2014 who celebrated after the hotel won a third AA rosette for outstanding cuisine.

Oxford Mail:

Simon Bradley

And Giuseppe Vurchio was a popular wine waiter at the hotel for many years.

Oxford Mail:

Giuseppe Vurchio

Another popular member of staff at the hotel was Ailish Hurley.

Oxford Mail:

Ailish Hurley

She worked at Chapters Bar for many years and Inspector Morse author Colin Dexter was one of her friends, before her death in 2005.

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He said: "There was something special about her. Ailish has always been there for me to talk to whenever I needed her."

Former employee Justin Walden, who worked at the hotel in a number of different roles, said he had fond memories of working with Ms Hurley.

He said she made him feel welcome when he started working there in 1994.

Mr Walden said: "I arrived at the Randolph, then under the Trusthouse Forte Grand hotels and the first person that greeted me was Ailish, I explained my long journey etc and she instantly warmed to me and made me a cuppa. We chatted and then I went to unpack and settle in to my room 414 on the 4th floor (staff accommodation).

"Over the next 18 months I found out lots of things about Ailish, she always had time for anyone and some guest would walk out if she was not in the bar!

"She always had time, often she would be seen chatting to Colin Dexter who was often found in the bar writing his next part of Morse!

"Over the years, I always stayed in touch, I returned in 2000 and once again Ailish was the first to say hello to me and welcome me back."

Oxford Mail:

Justin Walden

Simon Drake arrived as general manager in 2018 but was replaced the following year.

Oxford Mail:

Simon Drake

He made quite an impression on his arrival, revealing that at one point in his career he had worked in Bermuda, "serving drinks on the beach to singer Whitney Houston, spear fishing with Catherine Zeta-Jones, and hunting for Dolly Parton’s brassiere."

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