A YARNTON gardener was digging up his crop of potatoes when all of spudden he came across a quacking surprise.

He had dug up a potato shaped exactly like a rubber duck.

Tim Aris, 30, was helping gather the crop from his father-in-laws allotment when he came across the oddly-shaped spud.

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What makes the discovery even more unusual is that Mr Aris had been dreaming about ducks the week before.

Mr Aris said: “It is strange as I had a dream that I was being chased by a duck a few weeks before we dug this one up."

The family have since taken a fair quack at some more gardening uncovering even more oddly-shaped vegetables including ‘a small family of potato ducks.’

Oxford Mail:

The 'small family of potato ducks'.

What a spudtacular week the Aris family have had!