YOUNG people from across Oxfordshire took part in the global day of action by holding up banners around the city.

The event was part of ongoing climate protests that are being held by the Oxford branch of UK Student Climate Network, also known as Oxford Youth Strike.

Protestors met on Broad Street at 11am on Friday before heading off in small groups of six to 'drop banners' in different parts of the city. All the activists were secondary school children.

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The group dropped banners all over the city including outside the city council offices in St Aldates, the Radcliffe Camera, the Westgate Centre and the Plain.

Oxford Mail:

The protest was backed by Parents For Future Oxford, who did their own ‘shoe strike’ earlier on that day, where they laid out dozens of pairs of shoes in front of the Radcliffe Camera to represent all the children who will be affected by climate change, but are too young to speak.

EJ Fawcett, 18, who attended the banner drop said: “We did some banner drops around the city to show that we were there because everyone, including the Government, needs to treat the climate crisis like a crisis.

“The Covid crisis is dire, but they cannot ignore the climate crisis - our future is on the line. We saw the wildfires in America, we want to show national and local officials that we are watching and listening."

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Nor Staines Shaw added: “The aim of the action is to show that young people are still watching those in power as they allow our future to slip away.”

Dexter Twycross told The Oxford Mail: “We need the local council to more accurately convey the urgency this climate crisis poses with actions as well as words.”