A SCIENCE teacher is believed to be the most prolific female coronavirus blood plasma donor in Oxford, and possibly the entire UK.

Lizzi Wallace has now made eight trips to the John Radcliffe Hospital since June to give the potentially life-saving plasma.

The 38-year-old, who travels to the JR from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, came down with the virus in mid-March, before the country went into lockdown.

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As testing for Covid-19 was limited at the time she was not sure she had the virus but had many of the symptoms including a loss of taste and smell.

In May, she decided to buy an antibody test to know for sure if she’d had the virus and once it was confirmed decided to see if she was eligible to donate blood plasma.

Each time her blood is checked to make sure she still has enough of the coronavirus-fighting antibodies needed to make the donation useful.

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The level of antibodies in blood plasma deteriorates over time, with how quickly this happens different for each person though men usually have higher amounts.

The mother-of-two said counting down every two weeks since June helped her get through lockdown and gave her a measurable way of staying positive over the summer holidays before her return to the classroom.