A TODDLER was found naked and muddy wandering the streets of Oxford on his own, a midwife has claimed.

The young boy, who looked around four, was handed over to police after passers-by spotted him on Barns Road in Cowley at 2pm on Sunday.

Midwife Natalie Madeleine, from Oxford, saw a big crowd gathered and stopped to check if there was a medical emergency.

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When she saw the 'butt naked, barefoot' toddler, she dressed him in her jumper and put him in her car while police arrived.

Explaining the shocking incident, Ms Madeleine said: "I was driving from Blackbird Leys and saw a big crowd on the street, so I stopped to check if a person had collapsed.

"But then I saw the poor little boy and instantly checked whether he was hurt.

"He did not seem physically hurt but had a lot of dirt on his face.

"It was very bizarre - he was wandering completely on his own and I just hope he is okay."

She asked him for his name and address but he did not reply.

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Ms Madeleine added: "I do not even know if he knew English as he did not speak a word.

"He seemed very disorientated."

She said police arrived within 10 to 15 minutes and put the toddler in their van.

Thames Valley Police has been contacted about the incident.