People from South Oxfordshire are being encouraged to celebrate World Rivers Day this weekend by inspiring others to keep the waterways clean.

On Sunday, there will be a range of activities to get involved in from simply taking a walk or paddle along the river with family or friends to joining a clean-up of the riverbanks.

Every group celebrating and cleaning the waterways will need to follow the 'rule of six' social distancing limit.

Councillor Jo Robb is leading a programme aimed at working with river users and councillors to improve access, enhance biodiversity and protect the cleanliness of the river.

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She is also fighting to stop raw sewage from being dumped in the River Thames.

Ms Robb said: “The River Thames and its tributaries form a really special part of the South Oxfordshire landscape and environment and I think it’s important that we celebrate their the part they play in our community on World Rivers Day.

"The day will be will be a great opportunity not only to spend time by the river or to organise events such as a waterway or bank clean-up, but also for us to reflect how we use our rivers and how we can better protect this incredible resource.

“Whatever you choose to do on World Rivers Day please ensure you do it safely and follow the current ‘Rule of Six’ social distancing guidelines.”