A HISTORY professor accused of being transphobic will head a new women's rights initiative at Oxford University.

Professor of Modern History at Oxford University Selina Todd is one of the academics who will lead the research programme that was announced earlier this month.

But Prof Todd has previously been criticised by LGBT+ campaigners for holding 'anti-trans' views and supporting the group Woman's Place, which was recently branded as a 'trans-exclusionary hate group' by the Labour Campaign for Trans Rights.

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It is unclear how the new Women's Equality and Inequality, which is part of the Oxford Martin Programme, will improve the rights of all women, including trans women, as both Prof Todd and Oxford University did not provide a comment when contacted by the Oxford Mail.

In a statement published by St Hilda's College Prof Todd said: "We are very proud that Oxford will be home to this new research programme on women's equality and inequality.

"The idea for this initiative grew in part from a St Hilda's research initiative called 'Mind the Gap', which brought together academics at all levels, including students, to discuss shared concerns in the research of inequality."

Prof Todd came under fire in March when she joined other speakers at the 'Defend me or expel me' event in London organised by Labour Women's Declaration supporters.

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The historian was one of nine headliners at the rally who spoke against Labour's trans rights pledges.

The event followed persistent backlash from the cancellation of Prof Todd's talk at an Oxford feminist festival held at Exeter College.

She was uninvited from the event after trans-inclusive feminists, who pulled out from the event, pointed out her ties with the allegedly 'transphobic' group Woman’s Place UK.