CUSTOMERS in a retail store yesterday afternoon were told to leave as the shop closed all of a sudden.

People shopping in Next in Bicester left the premises feeling 'unsettled' after not being told the reason why they had to exit the store.

Resident Sarah Smith posted in the Bicester Chat Facebook group: "Was anyone in next this afternoon? Everyone was asked to leave quickly and its now shut  - no idea why but was unsettling.

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"I was half way through eating lunch when all Costa staff started handing our take away cups and told us to leave."

A Costa cafe is inside the Next store at Bicester Shopping Park.

Some customers believe the branch closed for deep cleaning as a customer said they were told by a member of staff that this was the reason.

Next has been contacted for comment.

Karen Soanes commented on Facebook: "Costa/Next should really clear up this mystery. Asking people to leave mid "meal" in Costa doesn't sound like it would be for a deep clean to me.

"It was obviously something urgent and in these worrying times patrons deserve to know incase Covid related."