A PROTEST has taken place in Oxford to stand with youth climate strikers.

Parents For Future Oxford (PFF Oxford) have organised a ‘Shoe Strike’ in front of Oxford’s Radcliffe Camera.

The event took place between 7am and 10am today.

The temporary installation was put in place on Friday morning. The charity laid out pairs of children and adult’s shoes, some with notes attached about ‘hopes, wishes, and fears for the future’.

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The shoes represent those who are unable to protest due to covid restrictions and future generations, not yet born, who will be most impacted by the climate crisis.

The display is accompanied by the message ‘would you want to be in our kids shoes?’

Footwear has been donated by people in Oxford and Abingdon and will be donated to charity after the protest.

PFF Oxford is also encouraging the public to ‘take action digitally’ due to current covid restrictions.

This includes writing MPs about supporting the Future Generations Climate and Ecological Bill and taking part in the Fridays For Future Digital Strike.

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Parents across the world will be joining youth climate strikers today. As well as Oxford and other places around the UK, protests will take place in Brazil, Nigeria, India, Australia, Poland, Israel and Germany.

The parents are part of Parents for Future Global network, which consists of 130 groups from 27 countries.

Rowan Ryrie of Parents for Future UK, who helped organise today’s protest in Oxford, said: “We need brave leaders to act decisively based on scientific advice and to think long term - beyond the next election and forward to what legacy today’s generations are going to leave to our children?

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“I have two young children and my love for them is what motivates me. For the children of today and for all those yet to come we need to focus on the CO2 curve as well as the Covid curve.”

Parents For Future was created in 2019 and was inspired by Greta Thunberg.