BUSINESSES across Oxfordshire will no doubt welcome any help they can get at the moment.

They've had a tough year so far, already described as 'equivalent to facing three winters' by a leading local business representative.

The package of measures Rishi Sunak has laid out for the winter proper will especially be helpful for the arts, entertainment, hospitality and tourism.

But we've already heard this week that one of these sectors, tourism, is not due to recover until 2024 and the other areas of our economy mentioned above are facing a similar future.

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The new support plan from Mr Sunak will help them see out the colder months, but what happens next year when it comes to an end?

Our local MPs, and many more besides, have called for a longer term outlook from the Government, and they are right to do so.

This Government is not going anywhere: supported as it is by a huge parliamentary majority. But neither is the coronavirus by the looks of it.

Dishy Rishi needs to start get a longer term financial safety net going, not just look to another short term fix come next year.