Have you ever wondered where the most dangerous roads for cyclists in Oxford are? 

More than 39 per cent of the city’s population cycle once a week and that number is predicted to rise. 

According to the latest government statistics, cycling increased by more than 300 per cent across the UK during the height of lockdown from March 16 to June 1. 

Crash Map is an interactive tool which allows you to see exactly where ‘fatal’, ‘serious’ or ‘slight’ accidents have happened in your area.

The data for the site is sourced from police and government databases up to 2019.

However, drivers have been told to “slow down” by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue after 12 people have died on Oxfordshire’s road in two months.

In a bid to improve health, reduce air pollution and cut congestion Oxford City Council are trying to encourage as many of us as possible to cycle into the centre - they are currently in the process of installing more bike parks.

Director of campaigns for the national road safety charity, Brake, Joshua Harris said: “We urgently need more investment in dedicated cycling infrastructure and we need safer vehicle speeds, including 20mph limits in our towns and cities.

“Cycling is an active, healthy way to get about and we should be doing all we can to make cycling the safest choice for travel on our roads."

Oxford Mail:

In five years there have been more than 1,400 accidents across Oxford inside of the ring road converging the city centre, Headington, Cowley, Park Town, Iffley, Grandpont and Summertown. 

In the city centre, there were 143 crashes between 2015 and 2019 with the High Street being the most dangerous road. 

The roundabout outside of Oxford train station saw four ‘slight’ accidents whilst at the A4144 crossroads by Nando’s there were 13. 

Oxford Mail:

Furthermore, the A4165 from St Giles’ Church to the Oxfam Bookshop saw 21 accidents, seven of which were ‘serious’.

There were 164 accidents in Cowley and Iffley Road was the most dangerous road for cycling. 

However, The Plain had the highest concentration, with more than 50 accidents on this busy road. 

In Summertown, there were 47 accidents with the majority occurring on the High Street. 

Oxford Mail:

Whilst Jericho also had a high number of accidents, mainly on the A4144 and the crossroads by St Antony’s College. 

If you want to see where accidents have occurred in your area, visit Crash Map and search for your location.