AN ANTI-RACISM group is organising a community event after a series of 'racist' abuse in Oxford.

The Oxford Stand Up To Racism group revealed it has received reports of 'racist incidents, ranging from verbal abuse to intimidation at people's homes, and threats of violence'.

In a post on Facebook that was published on Friday the group said: "The Black Lives Matter movement has shown that when people unite and act they can challenge racism.

"It is time for Rose Hill residents to say enough is enough.

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"Together we can challenge this unacceptable behaviour and end the racist abuse and threats."

Campaigners from the group said they want to organise a peaceful community event that will send a strong message that racism will not be tolerated in the neighbourhood.

One Oxford resident Shah Asad Ahmed commented on the proposed event: "Growing up in Rose Hill we suffered at the hands of racist skinheads who targeted us when we were just trying to peacefully walk out of the estate.

"As far as peaceful remedies go, the suggested peaceful community event is probably a good idea.

"A lot of problems can be resolved through just talking.

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"I think community events, clubs and groups are helpful."

More locals also agreed with Mr Ahmed.

Oxford Stand Up To Racism commented: "We are inviting Rose Hill residents who want to plan a community response to the racial incidents to an online meeting."

The post attracted a lot of attention with many Rose Hill residents saying that they will also contact the group to share their personal experiences over the years.

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