PEOPLE in Oxfordshire who have a loss of vision have another chance to test out 'cutting-edge' smart glasses developed by an Oxford-based company.

The glasses were made by a team of scientists and clinicians who are experts in developing technologies at Med Tech company OXSIGHT.

They make it easier for those living with central vision loss to recognise faces, perform up close tasks and read.

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The company has created a new model called Onyx, specifically for people who suffer from central and general field vision loss, and needs people to test them out for free.

The first sessions were held in OXSIGHT’s office in Sandford Gate in August but now more sessions are available today, Monday and Wednesday.

Sarah, from Witney, who has macular degeneration, tested out the glasses. She said: “A huge challenge for me is being able to prepare a meal unaided, usually I open the wrong tins and select the wrong cans from the cupboard but with the Onyx glasses, I was able to spot the correct items."

To participate, call 01865 580255.