A SLEW of new restrictions, including a 10pm curfew for pub, bars and restaurants, must be accompanied by financial support, an Oxford MP has warned.

Layla Moran, who represents Oxford West and Abingdon, said the measures announced by the Prime Minister yesterday, which could last for six months, will be seen as a 'real step backwards' and left unanswered questions about why the Government has failed to get coronavirus under control.

The curfew was revealed on Monday night and will come into force tomorrow, with the entire hospitality sector also to be restricted to table service only.

Speaking to MPs in the House of Commons yesterday, Boris Johnson outlined in full the Government's new measures to tackle growing numbers of coronavirus cases in England.

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In a reversal of a push last month by to get workers back to the office, he urged people to return to working from home if possible.

Mr Johnson, speaking ahead of an address to the nation at 8pm, also confirmed a planned trial of spectators returning to professional sport events would be delayed.

Setting out tougher penalties for those who 'brazenly defy' the restrictions, Mr Johnson also said £10,000 fines would be applied to businesses breaking the rules.

The penalty for failing to wear a mask or breaking the rule of six will double to £200 for a first offence.

Dave Richardson, spokesperson for Oxford CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) said there had been a 'mixed reaction' to the new restrictions with pubs and bars which largely operate at night worried for their future.

He added it would be difficult for pubs to police customers in all but the most obvious cases.

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Mr Richardson also warned problems were 'racking up' for pubs with the furlough scheme coming to an end, and outdoor seating less of an option as the weather gets colder.

He said: "Some pubs just won't get through the winter."

Mr Richardson called for tailored support to keep businesses going and able to retain staff.

The Prime Minister has said the restrictions announced today could remain in place for 'perhaps six months'.

He told the Commons: “I fervently want to avoid taking this step, as do the devolved administrations but we will only be able to avoid it if our new measures work and our behaviour changes.

“We will spare no effort in developing vaccines, treatments, new forms of mass-testing but unless we palpably make progress we should assume that the restrictions that I have announced will remain in place for perhaps six months.

“For the time being, this virus is a fact of our lives and I must tell the House and the country that our fight against it will continue.”

Other restrictions include people working in retail, travelling in taxis, and staff and customers in indoor hospitality, except while seated at a table to eat or drink, all having to wear face coverings.

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From Monday, the maximum people allowed to attend wedding ceremonies and receptions will reduce to 15, but the limit remains at 30 for funerals.

The rule of six, meanwhile, introduced last weekend, that any social gatherings of more than six people are against the law, is being extended to all adult indoor team sports.

Large sporting events, business conferences and exhibitions will also not reopen as had been planned from October 1.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden confirmed the 10pm curfew will apply cross a range of hospitality and leisure sectors including casinos but not to theatres and cinemas where performances may run over the deadline.

He also said, in a series of tweets, that 'due to the rapid spread due to social contact' there would no longer be exemptions to the rule of six for indoor grassroots sport, or for amateur performing arts and choirs.

Liberal Democrat Ms Moran said: “The PM’s statement will feel like a real step backwards for millions of people, and I know many of my own constituents are worried about the latest developments.

"We need answers from the PM about why we’ve failed in eliminating the virus.

“A robust track and trace system is vital. We urgently need a plan to fix it from the Government. That’s the only way to avoid these restrictions getting worse."

She also, echoing Mr Richardson, called for financial support for those affected, adding: “What was missing from the Prime Minister’s statement was what will be done to financially help businesses. We can’t afford to lose hundreds more jobs in our community.”

The new measures come after the Government’s chief scientific and medical advisers painted a grim picture on Monday of how 200 or more people in the UK could die each day by mid-November if the current rate of infection is not halted.